KNKS Meets Islamic Microfinance Stakeholders in Lampung
24 June 2019

LAMPUNG, KNKS – The Indonesia National Islamic Finance Committee (KNKS) has just visit Lampung Province for three days from June 12th to June 14th 2019. This visit, which in terms of meeting with several Islamic microfinance stakeholders is part of the drafting process of Baitul Maal Wat tamwil's (BMT) Development Roadmap that hopefully could be finished and launched to the public nearly this year. held to collect informations on the real condition of Islamic microfinance practices, especially BMT.

Several BMTs which are visited by KNKS are BMT Assyafi’iyah Berkah Nasional and BMT Surya Abadi Riyanto in Central Lampung, and BTM Bina Masyarakat Utama (BiMU) and BMT Fajar in City of Bandar Lampung. At the same opportunity, KNKS is also got a chance to meet and discuss with the representative of Lampung Province’s Regional Office of Cooperatives and Small-Medium Enterprises to gather different perspectives from the authority.

“This working trip is done to gather informations and input of suggestions about the real condition of Islamic microfinance practices, represented by BMT, including the Muhammadiyah's Baitut Tamwil (BTM). It is expected that this Roadmap accomodates the aspirations of all BMT industry stakeholders, so that the result document could provide right and effective policies,” said Arief Aditya, Lead Analyst of KNKS Islamic Microfinance Division.

Moreover, Arief explained that before Lampung, the Roadmap drafting team has done the same visits to any other regions in Indonesia, which are West Java and Jakarta Any other locations has also scheduled to be visited to strengthening the data and information for the Roadmap.

“Temporarily, it is concluded that the industry of Islamic microfinance has many challenges and opportunities, so there is a need of synchronisation, collaboration, and partnership between all Islamic microfinance sector stakeholders. We hope this Roadmap can be the key guide in developing the Islamic microfinance sector in Indonesia,” said Arief.

Reporter : Yodi Izharivan
Editor : Achmad Iqbal

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