KNKS Meets MUI to Accelerate Sharia-Based of BPJS-TK Implementation
24 June 2019

Jakarta - KNKS held a meeting with members of Indonesian Council of Ulama-National Sharia Board (DSN-MUI) to discuss the compatibility of Sharia principles with the National Agency of Employee Social Security System (BPJS-TK) in Jakarta on Monday, June 24.

Representatives of DNS-MUI include head of Islamic Non-Bank Financial Industry (IKNB) Agus Haryadi and member Rikza Maulana, while Director of Legal, Promotion and External Relations of KNKS, Taufik Hidayat and several analysts represented KNKS.

During the meeting, Agus explained that Indonesia’s National Social Security System (JKN) runs on nine principles, of which all has been in line with Sharia principles.

“We are drafting the fatwa for BPJS-TK as well as designing the system to make it fully compliant with Sharia,” Agus said. Previously DSN-MUI has issued the fatwa for National Agency of Health Insurance Management System (Pengelolaan BPJS Kesehatan) in 2016.

KNKS, acting as the catalysts for Indonesia’s Islamic economy is currently also assists the Sharia Implementation for Employee Social Security Planning Team in developing a sharia-based Employee Social Security System.

The system is expected to accommodate the workers’ need for sharia social security, as well as promoting growth of Islamic finance market by increasing investments of BPJS-TK funds through Islamic financial instruments, as well as increasing the market share of Islamic economy in Indonesia.

“KNKS has just signed a MoU with BPJS-TK to develop a sharia-based social security for workers,” said Taufik.

Reporter: Ishmah Qurratu’ain

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